About Us

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Since 1961, CMB has been training graduate students in the fields of cell biology and molecular biology.  Currently, there are 190 faculty trainers and 90 students in the program.  For prospective students, this site provides information about the application process, the Ph.D. curriculum, and research being conducted by faculty trainers.

CMB faculty trainers are grouped into twelve areas of research strength called focus groups:

  • Cancer Biology
  • Cell Adhesion & Cytoskeleton
  • Cellular & Molecular Metabolism
  • Developmental Biology & Regenerative Medicine
  • Immunology
  • Membrane Biology & Protein Trafficking
  • Molecular & Genome Biology of Microbes
  • Plant Biology
  • RNA
  • Systems Biology
  • Transcriptional Mechanisms
  • Virology

Coursework and research experience allow students to obtain a solid foundation in Cellular and Molecular Biology that is tailored to the professional objectives of each student.  Program benefits include a competitive stipend, tuition coverage, comprehensive health benefits, and an excellent cost of living.

If you'd like to learn about the development of the molecular biology program at the university, as well as the Molecular Biology and Molecular Virology Laboratory (known today as Bock Laboratories, the home of the CMB Program), this paper by Harlyn Halvorson details the interesting history.