Entering Class of 2016

Mazdak Bradberry

Email: bradberry@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Chemistry – Northwestern University
Chapman Lab

Debayan De Bakshi

Email: debakshi@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Biotechnology – Vellore Institute of Technology
Miyamoto Lab

Marissa Gaskill

Email: mgaskill@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Biological – University of Notre Dame
MS, Biotechnology and Business – University of Notre Dame
Harrison Lab

Yang Hu

Email: hu98@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Biology – California Institute of Technology
Burkard Lab

Umair Khan

Email: uwkhan@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Biotechnology – University of Pune
MS, Biotechnology – University of Pune
Newmark Lab

Mitchell Ledwith

Email: ledwith@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Biomedical Sciences – St. Norbert College
Mehle Lab

Rosa Mejia Sanchez

Email: mejiasanchez@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BA, Biology – Hunter College of CUNY
Newmark Lab

Ani Michaud

Email: avarjabedian@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Zoology – University of Maine-Orono
Bement Lab

Katherine Mueller

Email: kmueller22@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Biology and Biochemistry – Lawrence University
Saha Lab

Rebecca Schiavo

Email: rschiavo@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Neuroscience – Michigan State University
Tamplin Lab

Jonathan Schmitz

Email: jschmitz8@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BS, Biology – James Madison University
Hittinger Lab

Raakhee Shankar

Email: rshankar4@wisc.edu

Class of 2016
BE, Chemical Engineering – University of Mumbai
MS, Biotechnology – San Jose State University
Audhya Lab

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