Entering Class of 2018

Ian Begeman

Email: begeman@wisc.edu

Class of 2018
BS, Genetics – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kang Lab

Keer Jiang

Email: kjiang35@wisc.edu

Class of 2018
BS, Biology – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jorgensen Lab

Steven John

Email: svjohn@wisc.edu

Class of 2018
BS, Biology – The College of New Jersey
Fan Lab

Joseph Lalli

Email: lalli@wisc.edu

Class of 2018
BS, Biology/Political Science – Macalester College
Werling Lab

Tyler Reich

Email: tjreich@wisc.edu

Class of 2018
BS, Biology – University of Pennsylvania
Lewis Lab

Zhouyuan (Joanne) Shen

Email: zshen75@wisc.edu

Class of 2018
BS, Bioscience – Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Burkard Lab

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