CMB’s 800+ alumni have gone on to a variety of successful careers in academia, for-profit and non-profit sectors, industry, government, education, and other areas. CMB alumni form a valued community and continue to be engaged with the CMB program after graduation by visiting to give talks about their career paths, joining alumni panels, and connecting individually with CMB students. See what our alumni have gone on to do by exploring the Alumni Directory and reading some of the alumni spotlights and alumni news below. To search for an alum or a specific career, click “Alumni Directory” below and use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the table to enter key job terms or alumni names.

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Alumni Directory

Alumni Directory

wdt_ID Last Name First Name Name email address PERM email address WORK Email Lab Graduated Degree Current Position Employer Name Current Position
1 Abler Lisa Abler, Lisa Xin Sun 2008 Ph.D. Assistant Scientist University of Wisconsin-Madison Assistant Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2 Abraham Teresa Abraham, Teresa Daniel D. Loeb 2007 Ph.D. Director, Scientific and Technical Partnerships Click Diagnostics Director, Scientific and Technical Partnerships, Click Diagnostics
3 Acevedo Luis Acevedo, Luis Peggy Farnham 2007 Ph.D. Sr. Scientist GenMark Diagnostics Sr. Scientist, GenMark Diagnostics
4 Agasie (Bezerra) Isabel Agasie (Bezerra), Isabel Richard Amasino 2003 Ph.D. Biotechnology Instructor BioPharmaceutical Technology Center (BTC) Institute Biotechnology Instructor, BioPharmaceutical Technology Center (BTC) Institute
5 Ahmad Fridoon Ahmad, Fridoon Peter Baas 1998 Ph.D. Chairman and Professor Biomedical Sciences King Edward Medical University Chairman and Professor Biomedical Sciences, King Edward Medical University
6 Akkarawongsa Radeekorn Akkarawongsa, Radeekorn Curtis R. Brandt 2007 Ph.D. Lecturer Mahidol University (Thailand) Lecturer, Mahidol University (Thailand)
7 Albright Catherine Albright, Catherine William M. Sugden 2013 M.S. Senior Research Associate Exact Sciences Senior Research Associate, Exact Sciences
8 Allen Benjamin Allen, Benjamin Alan C. Rapraeger 2004 Ph.D. Asst. Professor University of Michigan Asst. Professor, University of Michigan
9 Allen Mary Allen, Mary Elizabeth Goodwin 2006 M.S. Post-Doc University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center Post-Doc, University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center
10 Allen Todd Allen, Todd David I. Watkins 1999 Ph.D. Professor Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard; Harvard Medical School Professor, Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard; Harvard Medical School
Last Name First Name Name email address PERM email address WORK Email Lab Graduated Degree Current Position Employer Name Current Position

Alumni Career Paths

Since the CMB Program was established in 1961, 689 alumni have received PhDs and 104 have received Master’s degrees.

In the past ten years (2008-2018), 194 PhDs have been awarded. Those graduates are currently employed in the following industries:

Alumni industries for graduates from past ten years

Of the 86 PhD graduates from the past ten years who have gone into academia, alumni are currently in the following positions:

Academic careers for graduates from past ten years

In addition, students on the Professional Development Committee have collected information about alumni career development at 1, 4 and 7 years post graduation to allow current and future CMB students to map their own professional development.

Alumni News

Alumni Publications

CMB students have a strong publication record, with an average of 4.4 publications per CMB graduate and 2.2 first author or co-first author publications per graduate at the time of graduation. View the full list of recent CMB graduates’ publications. (Alumni, please keep us updated if you have any additions or changes to this list.)

Update Your Info or Share Your Story

We welcome any alumni employment updates! Please email with any updates or corrections.

We would also love to hear the story of your career path, and any advice you have for CMB students currently exploring career options. If you are interested in sharing your story, please respond to our Alumni Spotlight survey. Answers will appear in the Alumni Spotlight feature on the CMB website.

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