Physiology of an output neuron in the retina

Physiology of an output neuron in the retina


Physiology is the study of any biological process that is associated with the functioning of an organism. It can span many levels of complexity ranging from (but not limited to) processes shaping neurotransmission in the nervous system, to mechanisms regulating the blood supply of an organism, to endocrine regulation, to pathophysiology in disease conditions, and to studies of drug clearance from tissues. In being fundamental to understanding the function of the human body, physiology forms the basis for medicine. Modern molecular biological tools have opened up the study of cellular and organ level function with extraordinary precision as well as with extraordinary breadth. Research of faculty in the physiology focus group spans multiple areas ranging from molecular and cellular physiology to systems level thereby linking molecular and cellular mechanisms to the function and dysfunction of organs and ultimately the whole organism.

Focus Group Chair Raunak Sinha
Neuroscience Department
Neural signaling in the retina

Focus Group Members

Caroline Alexander

Oncology Department

Mammary tumor cell biology

Arash Bashirullah

Pharmacy Department

Developmental regulation of endocrine and exocrine biology

Grace Boekhoff-Falk

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Limb and neural development

Edwin Chapman

Neuroscience Department

Exocytosis, synaptic transmission, neuronal cell biology

Cynthia Czajkowski

Neuroscience Department

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of pentameric ligand gated ion channel signaling

Loren Denlinger

Medicine Department

Pathogen-host interactions important to airway inflammation

Amy Fowler

Radiology Department

Molecular imaging of steroid receptors in breast cancer

Ying Ge

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Systems biology, cardiac disease and regeneration

Timothy Gomez

Neuroscience Department

Regulation of axon guidance

Guy Groblewski

Nutritional Sciences Department

Membrane trafficking in digestive epithelia

Mrinalini Hoon

Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Department

Mechanisms regulating retinal circuit organization

Tu-Anh Huynh

Food Science Department

C-di-AMP signaling in bacterial physiology and pathogenesis

Meyer Jackson

Neuroscience Department

Electrophysiology and imaging techniques are used to explore the basic mechanisms of neuronal signaling

Joan Jorgensen

Comparative Biosciences Department

Transcriptional control of gonad development

Timothy Kamp

Medicine Department

Cardiac ion channels function and regulation; basic mechanisms of heart failure and arrhythmias; stem cells and cardiac regeneration

Michelle Kimple

Medicine Department

Regulation of pancreatic beta-cell biology

Dudley Lamming

Medicine Department

Regulation of metabolism by nutrient signaling pathways

Youngsook Lee

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Molecular regulation of cardiovascular development, disease, function and cardiomyogenesis

Bo Liu

Surgery Department

Cell death, signal transduction, extracellular matrix, inflammation, vascular disease

Hiroshi Maeda

Botany Department

Amino acid homeostasis in plants

Colleen McDowell

Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Department

Molecular pathways of glaucoma pathogenesis

Matthew Merrins

Medicine Department

Beta cell biology and diabetes

Darcie Moore

Neuroscience Department

Neural stem cells and aging

Gail Robertson

Neuroscience Department

Molecular mechanisms of ion channel disease

Judith Simcox

Biochemistry Department

Lipid metabolism in cold exposure

Ahna Skop

Genetics Department

Role of mRNAs in cell division and pluripotency; Neurodegeneration

Han Wang

Integrative Biology Department

Genetic and circuit dissection of sleep

Jyoti Watters

Comparative Biosciences Department

Signal transduction and epigenetic regulation of microglial gene transcription and immune function

Eric Yen

Nutritional Sciences Department

Intestine, assimilation of dietary fat, and energy balance

Xuehua Zhong

Genetics Department

Epigenetic regulation in plants