CMB Student Seminar Series

The CMB student seminar is designed to give CMB graduate students an informal atmosphere to practice presenting their research to other graduate students.

Contacts: Nicole Woodhead and Nina Dinne

See the CMB Calendar for updated student seminar information

CMB Seminar Requirement

Students are required to give an oral presentation beginning the second year of the CMB Program and each year thereafter. Second and third-year students can give either a Journal Club Presentation or Formal Research Seminar, while fourth, fifth, and sixth-year students must give a Formal Research Seminar. The requirements can be satisfied through a number of seminar series within individual CMB focus groups and departments across the UW-Madison campus. More information about the seminar requirement can be found on the Seminar Requirement page of the CMB Handbook. Feedback from students on different seminars can be found here.

Common Seminars for Student Seminar Requirement

American Society of Plant Biologists, Western Section Meeting

American Society for Virology General Conference

Arabidopsis Training Group Seminar Series

Axon Guidance Journal Club

Blood Research Program Seminar
2nd Thursday of the month, 4-5 pm, 7001A WIMR
Contact: Emery Bresnick (

Cell Division Group Meeting
Second Tuesday of the month

Chromatin/Transcription Seminar
Every third Wednesday, 2-3pm in BSB
Contact: Peter Lewis

Developmental Biology Student/Postdoc Seminar
First Friday of the month at 4pm
Orchard View Room, WID
Contact Anne Griep to receive notifications

Developmental Endocrinology Group Meeting

E. coli Club

Fly Group Monthly Meeting
Contact: Jill Wildonger

Genetics Colloquium
Wednesdays at 3:30pm
Auditorium (Room 1111) of the Genetics/Biotech Building

Genomic Sciences Training Program Seminar

Gordon Research Conference

Great Lakes Bioenergy Annual Science Meeting

Immunology Works in Progress (IWiP) Seminar

International Conference on Mycorrhiza

Ion Channels Journal Club

Microbes in Health and Disease
Tuesdays at 4 p.m.
Room 2511 Microbial Sciences Building (MSB)

Microbial Sciences Events

Midwest Tumor Microenvironment Conference

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Seminars
Mondays from 12:00-1:00pm
1325 Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC)

Molecular & Genetic Sciences Group

Molecular Virology Seminar Series
1211 Biochemical Sciences Building (BSB)

Neuro Development Club

Nutritional Sciences Seminar
Thursdays at 11:00am
290 Nutritional Sciences
Contact: Julie Ewing-Christensen (

Parasites and Vector Biology Seminar
Once a month on Tuesdays, 4-5pm in MSB 2511
Contact: Tim Yoshino (

Waisman Center Molecular and Genetic Sciences Group

Faculty Seminars

Biochemistry Colloquium
Mondays at 3:30pm
Room 1211, HFD Biochemical Sciences Building

Biochemistry Seminars

Cancer Biology Seminar Series
Wednesdays at 10:30-11:30AM
Room 1345 Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC)

Cell and Regenerative Biology Seminar Series
Tuesdays at 2:00pm
Room 3571 WIMR

Distinguished Lectures in Microbiology
Thursdays at 3:30pm

Food Research Institute Seminars

Genetics Colloquium
Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm
Genetics/Biotech Building, Room 1111

Medical Microbiology & Immunology Seminars

Nutritional Sciences Seminar Series
Thursdays at 11:00am
Nutritional Sciences 290

RNA MaxiGroup
Tuesdays at 6:30pm
Room 1360 Genetics-Biotechnology Center

Stem Cell Seminars
Tuesdays at 1:00pm
WID Forum