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Spermatogenesis in the planarian /Schmditea mediterranea/. Nuclei are visualized by Hoechst staining (gray) and the mitotic marker phospho-histone H3 is visualized in red. Maximum-intensity projection of a laser-scanning confocal image series. Image by Tracy Chong (Newmark lab).

Image by Tracy Chong (Newmark lab)

Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Photo: Spermatogenesis in the planarian /Schmditea mediterranea/. Nuclei are visualized by Hoechst staining (gray) and the mitotic marker phospho-histone H3 is visualized in red. Maximum-intensity projection of a laser-scanning confocal image series. Image by Tracy Chong (Newmark lab).

The overall goal of the research in the Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine focus group is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying embryonic development and regeneration in the adult. This large and diverse focus group consists of faculty from departments and schools across campus. Our faculty are engaged in a wide variety of research directions ranging from basic research to elucidate the molecular mechanisms governing development and regeneration to translational goal of using stem cells as therapeutic agents to treat disease. Group members are exploring the mechanisms by which transcription factors, cytosolic regulators and extracellular cues determine cell fate, cell movements and patterning during development and regeneration. The group also has an emphasis on stem cell biology, exploring questions on self-renewal and differentiation during embryonic development and regeneration, developmental timing and using stem cells in tissue repair and the treatment of disease.

Collectively, the group uses a wide spectrum of model organisms in their research including nematodes, flies, zebrafish, planaria, amphibians and mice, as well as embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells. Students have the opportunity to use a wide variety of genetic, biochemical, molecular and genomic approaches including state of the art imaging, transgenic and gene editing, and genomic and bioinformatics technologies in their research.

There is a monthly Developmental Biology Student/Postdoc seminar series in which students and postdoctoral fellows present their research to a broad audience of developmental and regenerative biologists. Contact Anne Griep at for more information or to receive seminar notifications.

Photo of Anne Griep

Focus Group Chair Anne Griep
Cell & Regenerative Biology Department
Molecular regulation of mammalian eye development

Focus Group Members

Reid Alisch

Neurological Surgery Department

Neuroepigenetics of human behavior

Richard Amasino

Biochemistry Department

Seasonal control of flowering

Jean-Michel Ané

Department of Bacteriology

Symbiotic plant-microbe associations (nodulation and mycorrhization)

Anjon Audhya

Biomolecular Chemistry Department

Mechanisms of membrane trafficking; live cell imaging techniques

Arash Bashirullah

Pharmacy Department

Developmental regulation of endocrine and exocrine biology

William Bement

Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology & Integrative Biology Department

Signal transduction, cell division, and cytoskeleton

Seth Blair

Integrative Biology Department

Development and signaling in Drosophila

Barak Blum

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Functional beta cell maturation

Grace Boekhoff-Falk

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Limb and neural development

Emery Bresnick

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Normal and malignant hematopoiesis; epigenetics; molecular medicine

Michael Cahill

Comparative Biosciences Department

Molecular and biochemical mechanisms of synapse morphogenesis

Qiang Chang

Medical Genetics Department

Epigenetic regulation of brain function

Erik Dent

Neuroscience Department

Regulation of the cytoskeleton in neuronal differentiation

Jacques Galipeau

Medicine Department

Regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, synthetic cytokines

Ying Ge

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Systems biology, cardiac disease and regeneration

Simon Gilroy

Botany Department

Plant cell biology and signal transduction

Timothy Gomez

Neuroscience Department

Regulation of axon guidance

Daniel Greenspan

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Extracellular modulators of cellular behavior

Yevgenya Grinblat

Integrative Biology Department

Genetic basis of neural development

Mary Halloran

Integrative Biology Department

Mechanisms of axon guidance and neural crest cell migration during zebrafish neural development

Jeffrey Hardin

Integrative Biology Department

Morphogenesis and pattern formation during early development

Melissa Harrison

Biomolecular Chemistry Department

Zygotic genome transcriptional activation

Peiman Hematti

Medicine Department

Transplantation Immunology and Experimental Cellular Therapy

Zhen Huang

Neurology Department

Cerebral cortex development, neuronel migration, dendrite development

Christina Hull

Biomolecular Chemistry Department

Human fungal pathogen development & pathogenesis

Joan Jorgensen

Comparative Biosciences Department

Transcriptional control of gonad development

Timothy Kamp

Medicine Department

Cardiac ion channels function and regulation; basic mechanisms of heart failure and arrhythmias; stem cells and cardiac regeneration

Junsu Kang

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Regeneration, zebrafish, enhancer, fin, heart

Judith Kimble

Biochemistry Department

Molecular genetics of animal development

Michelle Kimple

Medicine Department

Regulation of pancreatic beta-cell biology

Youngsook Lee

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Molecular regulation of cardiovascular development, disease, function and cardiomyogenesis

Wan-Ju Li

Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Department

iPSC-based skeletal regeneration; mesenchymal stem cell biology

Robert Lipinski

Comparative Biosciences Department

Development of the brain and face

Ahmed Mahmoud

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Mammalian Heart Regeneration

Paul Marker

Pharmacy Department

Biology of the prostate gland at the molecular level

Darcie Moore

Neuroscience Department

Neural stem cells and aging

Phillip Newmark

Integrative Biology Department

Regeneration and germ cell development in flatworms

Jon Odorico

Surgery Department

Embryonic stem cells to generate insulin producing cells for the treatment of diabetes and to study pancreatic islet development

Francisco Pelegri

Genetics Department

Genetic control of zebrafish embryogenesis

Luigi Puglielli

Medicine Department

Molecular mechanisms of neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration

Krishanu Saha

Biomolecular Chemistry Department

Human stem cell engineering

Christine Seroogy

Pediatrics Department

Molecular regulation of T cell responsiveness

Prashant Sharma

Integrative Biology Department

Biodiversity in invertebrates

Michael Sheets

Biomolecular Chemistry Department

Molecular mechanisms regulating early vertebrate development

Nader Sheibani

Opthalmology & Visual Sciences Department

Cell adhesion and signaling in vascular cells

Ahna Skop

Genetics Department

Role of mRNAs in cell division and pluripotency; Neurodegeneration

Igor Slukvin

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Department

Hematopoietic development from pluripotent stem cells; de novo generation of hematopoietic stem cells

Edgar Spalding

Botany Department

Plant functional genomics and physiology

Rupa Sridharan

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Epigenetics, somatic cell reprogramming, cell fate change

Michael Sussman

Biochemistry Department

Genome technologies applied to the plasma membrane of eukaryotes: signal transduction and bioenergetics

James Thomson

Cell & Regenerative Biology Department

Human ES cells and the biology of pluripotency

Chad Vezina

Comparative Biosciences Department

Urinary dysfunction in aging men

David Wassarman

Medical Genetics Department

Neurodegeneration in Drosophila

Jill Wildonger

Biochemistry Department

Microtubule-based transport in developing neurons

Marc Wolman

Integrative Biology Department

Genetic basis of learning

Eric Yen

Nutritional Sciences Department

Intestine, assimilation of dietary fat, and energy balance

Jing Zhang

Oncology Department

Hematopoietic stem cell, leukemic stem cell, cytokine signaling

Su-Chun Zhang

Neuroscience Department

Neural pathway of human embryonic stem cells

Xinyu Zhao

Neuroscience Department

Epigenetic regulation, neural stem cells, neurodevelopment, noncoding RNA, RNA binding protein, learning and memory