Exceptional Thesis Award

Sarah Neuman, 2017 Awardee

Sarah carried out her thesis research with Dr. Arash Bashirullah in the School of Pharmacy. She was praised by the CMB Awards Committee for her intellectual fearlessness and outreach, science communication, and mentoring accomplishments.

Sarah Neuman headshot

Jae-Sung You and Joseph Bruckner, 2016 Awardees

Jae-Sung focused on the regulation of skeletal muscle mass by mechanical loading, exercise and limb immobilization, and the role of mTOR activity. Joseph examined Fife, a protein in the active zone cytomatrix of the Drosophila synapse.

Jae-Sung Yu and Joseph Bruckner

Shang Ma, 2015 Awardee

Shang worked in the Huang Lab using mouse models to study brain development. He is now working as a post-doc with Dr. Ardem Patapoutian, an HHMI Investigator at the Scripps Research Institute, where he is studying mechanotransduction.

Headshot of Shang Ma

Robert Ihry and Saheed Imam, 2014 Awardees

Robert focused on how steroid hormones affect a variety of developmental processes with exquisite tissue and temporal specificity. Saheed’s research involved modeling a systems- level map of various metabolic and transcriptional processes.

Rob Ihry and Saheed Imam headshots