2019-2020 Fellowships, Training Grants and Other Awards

Katarina Braun, Class of 2017, Friedrich Lab
NIH F30 

Max Frenkel, Class of 2019, Raman Lab
Society for Thoracic Surgery Looking to the Future Scholarship

Morgan Giese, Class of 2017, Huttenlocher Lab
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship – Honorable Mention

Luis Haddock-Soto, Class of 2019, Friedrich Lab
SciMed GRS

Jessica Han, Class of 2019, Denu Lab
Bio-Data Science Training Grant

Anna Heffron, Class of 2017, O’Connor Lab
Parasitology and Vector Biology Training Program T32
New Investigator Scholarship

Jack Hunt, Class of 2016, Zhao Lab
Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Individual Predoctoral Fellowship (NIH F31)

Justin Jagodinsky, Class of 2017, Morris Lab
UW Institutional for Clinical & Translational Research TL1 Training Award

Zena Jensvold, Class of 2017, Lewis Lab
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Charlotte Kanzler, Class of 2019, Newmark Lab
First Prize in the Morgridge Institute for Research Ethics Cartooning Contest

Justin Mabin, Class of 2017, Brow Lab
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Jose Martinez, Class of 2018, Bhattacharyya Lab
Biotechnology Training Program (BTP)

Charu Mehta, Class of 2014, Bresnick Lab
UW Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center Graduate Training Award

Zach Morrow, Class of 2017, Sauer Lab
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 

Will Olson, Class of 2014, Knoll Lab
2019 CMB Exceptional Thesis Award

Alex Pieper, Class of 2017, Sondel Lab
ICTR TL1 Training Grant

Stefan Pietrzak, Class of 2017, Sridharan
Genomic Sciences Training Program Traineeship

Tiaira Porter, Physiology Class of 2016, Moore Lab
UW-Madison 2020 Cool Science Image Winner

Kyle Quinney, Class of 2013, Audhya Lab
2019 CMB Exceptional Thesis Award

Sarah Rempel, Class of 2015, Gomez Lab
Vision Research Training Program

Kevin Swift, Class of 2019, Audhya Lab
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Training Grant 

Andrew Sung, Class of 2018, Pagliarini Lab
Biology of Aging and Age Related Diseases Training Grant

Dan Tremmel, Class of 2015, Odorico Lab
Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Individual Predoctoral Fellowship (NIH F31)
Debra Hullett, PhD, Best Basic Science Poster Award (UW Dept. of Surgery Research Summit 2020)
ALPCO Young Investigator Award
TTS-IPITA Scientific Award to attend IPITA 2019
BI-USA Stem Cell Research Award