2023 DEI Impact Award Winner

The CMB Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Committee (DEIC) has selected Tyler Gibson as
the 2023 recipient of the CMB Diversity, Equity, and
Inclusion (DEI) Impact Award. This award was
established by the DEIC in 2022 as a way to increase
student’s awareness of DEI and recognize students who
have made exceptional contributions to DEI within the
CMB program, university, and greater scientific
Tyler demonstrated commitment to strengthening diversity, equity, and belonging within CMB and the scientific community. He is a recent graduate of Dr. Melissa Harrison’s lab and he contributed to DEI work throughout his graduate career. This includes efforts to improve awareness and understanding of historical, social, and cultural aspects of science by leading peer book clubs, guest lecturing in graduate courses, and leading development of a DEI-focused seminar that will enhance CMB student’s training.

Congratulations and thank you to Tyler and to all the nominees who have made strides in
advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within CMB, the university, and the scientific


Written by Dr. David Wassarman, CMB Chair