Nihal Ahmad

Credentials: Dermatology Department

Position title: Mechanism of cancer development & novel approaches for cancer management


Phone: (608) 263-5359

423 Medical Sciences Center
1300 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706

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focus groups:

Cancer Biology; Transcriptional Mechanisms

research description:

Our research focuses on two major lines of investigation; i) mechanism of cancer development, with specific focus on cell cycle and cell death and differentiation, and ii) prevention and experimental therapeutics of cancer by naturally occurring non-toxic agents including plant based agents, vitamins, hormones etc. Specific examples of my active research include 1) studying the role of mitotic regulators such as the serine/threonine kinase polo-like kinases in neoplastic transformation and cancer progression, 2) defining the role of NAD+-dependent class III histone deacetylase Sirtuin family of proteins in development and progression of cancers, and 3) studying the chemopreventive and therapeutic effects of naturally occurring agents such as resveratrol, vitamin E, selenium, melatonin etc., against cancer.


Molecular & Environmental Toxicology (METC), Cellular & Molecular Pathology Graduate Program (CMP), Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (CBMS)

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