Simon Gilroy

Botany Department

Plant cell biology and signal transduction

(608) 262-4008

B117 Birge Hall
430 Lincoln Dr
Madison, WI 53706


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focus groups:

Plant Biology; Developmental Biology & Regenerative Medicine

research description:

We are interested in how plants sense and respond to their environment and how these signals regulate plant development. The research emphasis of the lab is to try and understand these processes at the cellular and molecular level. The specific biological questions we are addressing at the moment include: How do roots and shoots sense and respond to pathogen, wounding and touch stimuli and how does spaceflight alter regulatory networks in biological systems? We approach these questions by combining microscopy-based assays, such as confocal microscopy with the development and application of novel fluorescent probes/imaging techniques to monitor signaling components such as Ca2+, ROS and cGMP. These imaging techniques are coupled to analysis of responses in mutant lines or those engineered to over- or under-express a gene of interest. We also apply a wide range of transcriptomic and bioinformatics-based analyses to try and define response network architectures.

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