Timothy Kamp

Medicine Department

Cardiac ion channels function and regulation; basic mechanisms of heart failure and arrhythmias; stem cells and cardiac regeneration


(608) 263-1172

8459 Wi Institute Medical Research
1111 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705


lab website:


focus groups:

Developmental Biology & Regenerative Medicine; Membrane Biology & Protein Trafficking; Physiology

research description:

The laboratory focuses on cardiovascular research in three main areas.   First, the cardiac L-type Ca2+ channel function, structure and regulation are investigated using a variety of molecular biology, cellular electrophysiology, biochemical, and pharmacological approaches. Second, studies of the molecular basis for abnormal excitation-contraction coupling in heart failure are evaluating changes in critical proteins and cellular organization. Third, studies are underway is to optimize the differentiation of human ES cells into cardiomyocytes and to characterize the resulting cardiomyocytes and their potential for cell-based therapies.

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