Paul Lambert

Credentials: Oncology Department

Position title: Molecular genetics of papillomaviruses


Phone: (608) 262-8533

6459 Wi Institute Medical Research
1111 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705


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focus groups:

Cancer Biology; Virology

research description:

Our laboratory pursues research on the life cycle of human papillomaviruses (HPVs) and their role in human cancer. HPVs are very common human pathogens. Depending upon the genotype, HPVs infect cutaneous or mucosal epithelium causing formation of papillomas or other benign lesions. The mucosotropic HPVs are the most common sexually transmitted human pathogens, and a subset of these cause approximately 5% of all human cancers, including anogenital cancers including cervical cancer, as well as a growing percentage of head and neck cancers. Our lab has developed genetically engineered mouse models for several of these HPV-associated cancers (cervix, anal, head/neck) and use these models to determine the mechanisms of action of HPV oncogenes in carcinogenesis, define the contribution of cellular factors and pathways in these cancers, and test new approaches for treating or preventing these cancers. In addition we have developed valuable tissue culture models for studying the viral life cycle, which is intricately tied to the differentiation program of the host epithelium. Using these tissue culture models, we are studying various steps in the infectious life cycle from initial steps in entry to production of progeny virus.


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