Shelby O'Connor

Credentials: Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Department

Position title: Host immunity to SIV/HIV and Mtb


Phone: (608) 890-0843

Room 132
585 Science Dr
Madison, WI 53711


lab website:

focus groups:

Immunology; Virology

research description:

We study host immune responses to SIV in nonhuman primates. We are specifically interested in determining which epitopes in SIV elicit effective T cell responses in the host, with an emphasis on understanding the immunogenicity of epitopes in highly conserved regions of the viral genome. This research requires that we construct mutant strains of SIV, assess their replication in vivo, and determine the specificity and function of the T cells that develop in the host. Ultimately, we hope that our research will help inform the development of vaccine immunogens designed to elicit effective T cell immunity to HIV.

ALSO A TRAINER IN THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS: Cellular and Molecular Pathology (CMP), Microbiology (MDTP)

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