Lixin Rui

Credentials: Medicine Department

Position title: Molecular pathogenesis of lymphoma


Phone: (608) 265-8525

4053 Wi Institute Medical Research
1111 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705


lab website:

focus groups:

Cancer Biology; Immunology; Transcriptional Mechanisms

research description:

My long-term goal is to train graduate students and fellows on performing cutting-edge lymphoma research by using new technologies such as RNA interference, DNA microarray and next-generation sequencing. The research will focus on functional genomics analyses and translational research to identify or define molecular targets for therapeutic development of human lymphoma. I am particularly interested in investigation of epigenetic mechanisms of JAK signaling in the pathogenesis of lymphoma. I hope that prospective graduate students and fellows who are trained in my laboratory will gain cutting-edge knowledge and the right skills for their career endeavors.

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