Melissa Skala

Credentials: Biomedical Engineering Department

Position title: Metabolism, cancer, microscopy


Morgridge Inst Research
330 N Orchard St
Madison, WI 53715


lab website:

focus groups:

Cancer Biology; Cellular & Molecular Metabolism; Immunology

research description:

My lab develops quantitative microscopy tools to non‐invasively image dynamic cell behavior. Metabolic imaging is achieved using auto‐fluorescence from the metabolic co‐factors NADH and FAD. These tools are used in primary human tumor specimens grown in 3D (“tumor organoids”). Metabolic microscopy and tumor organoids are combined to develop high‐throughput personalized drug screens for cancer patients, and to identify promising therapies for clinical trials. Mouse models are used for in vivo imaging of tumor cells interacting with supporting cells in the microenvironment (immune cells, blood vessels, fibroblasts, collagen, etc.).

ALSO A TRAINER IN THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS: Biophysics, Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics

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