Aussie Suzuki

Credentials: Oncology Department

Position title: Cell Division, Mitosis, Kinetochore, Tension, Chromosomal Instability


Phone: 608-262-1686

6533 WIMR 2
1111 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53706

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Cancer Biology; Cell Adhesion & Cytoskeleton

research description:

One of main projects in my laboratory is exploring the kinetochore functions in faithful chromosome segregation with a focus on biophysical and mechanobiological properties at kinetochore-microtubule interface. The kinetochore is a macro-molecular structure, which assembles on centromeric chromatin. It serves as a platform for microtubule assembly. Important kinetochore functions are 1) microtubule assembly, 2) to establish bi-orientation, 3) to produce and transmit force, 4) mitotic check point control, and 5) error correction. However, molecular mechanisms underlying those kinetochore functions are largely unsolved. My laboratory understands those mechanisms by using high spatiotemporal imaging, super-resolution microscopy, immuno-EM, ExM (expansion microscopy), and tension biosensors.

ALSO A TRAINER IN THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS: Cancer Biology, Biophysics, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (MCP)

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