Vatsan Raman and Darcie Moore Win New Innovator Award

The National Institutes of Health has awarded 89 grants that will provide funding to extraordinarily creative scientists proposing highly innovative research to address major challenges in biomedical science. The grants are part of the NIH High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program, which supports ideas with potential for great impact in biomedical research from across the broad scope of the NIH. Congratulations to CMB trainers Darcie Moore and Vatsan Raman for being among the awardees!

Darcie Moore’s project is titled The Mechanisms and Functional Role of the Asymmetric Segregation of Cellular Cargoes in Stem Cells, and Vatsan Raman’s project is Understanding Molecular Rules Governing Protein Allostery by Deep Mutational Scanning.

Read more about the awards on the NIH New Innovators Award Announcement page.