CMB trainer John Yin helps develop workshops on pandemic prevention

John Yin is part of a National Science Foundation-funded team leading workshops on predictive intelligence for pandemic prevention.

The COVID-19 pandemic may still be raging on, but scientists from dozens of disciplines are already looking ahead to how the next pandemic can be mitigated or prevented altogether. The National Science Foundation is funding a series of interdisciplinary workshops to bring research communities together to address fundamental scientific questions and address pressing issues in pandemic prevention.

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery John Yin is part of the team developing one of these workshops. The focus of the Prevent Symposium, held online on February 22 and 23, is on understanding how the behavior of pathogens emerges from interactions between components at different scales.

The objective of the workshop series is clear: improve the scientific community’s response to emerging pandemic threats. “The big goal of all the workshops is to not be caught flat-footed,” says Yin. “How do we figure out how to predict and prevent pandemics? What sort of research should we be doing, and where are the gaps in our knowledge?”

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