Student Spotlight: Ryan Walter

Headshot of Ryan WalterHometown:

St. Paul, MN

Year entered CMB program:



Rob Kalejta Lab


Brief Summary of Research:

Investigating epigenetic regulation of HCMV gene expression by the intrinsic immune system

Why did you decide to attend graduate school?

To expand my career opportunities, learn new scientific techniques, present my work at conferences, and to network with other academic scientists

Why did you choose UW-Madison’s CMB Program?

UW-Madison offered a wide-range of cutting-edge research, flexible and minimal coursework, and a focus on work-life balance

What inspired you to go into your field of study?

I was inspired to study virology because viruses are true master manipulators of cell biology. So much of our current understanding of molecular processes comes from studying viruses.

What are your long-term career goals?

I am interested in continuing to do research and work at the bench. I am interested in both academic and industry jobs.

When you are not in the lab, you are…….?

Hiking state parks with my dog, playing board games, or visiting local breweries

What is your favorite memory so far in the CMB Program?

My first year in the program we went to retreat in the dells. It was an absolutely amazing experience that built lasting friendships with my peers.