By citations, UW–Madison faculty demonstrate strong impact

Seventeen researchers from UW–Madison were recently recognized on the 2021 Highly Cited Researchers list, published annually by the analytics company Clarivate using data from Web of Science. The list identifies scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade, and includes Center for Quantitative Cell Imaging Director Kevin Eliceiri and CMB trainer Simon Gilroy. Clarivate also calculates journal impact factors, a measure of citations and proxy for their prestige.

Researchers are selected for their publication record in one or more of 21 fields or across several fields. To determine the 2021 honorees, the Web of Science analyzed papers published and cited between 2010 and 2020, determining which authors ranked in the top 1 percent.

“Academia uses citation count as one metric among many to measure research impact and productivity,” explains Cynthia Czajkowski, associate vice chancellor for research in the biological sciences. “Citation number is important for the university in terms of prestige and rankings, but citations also point to who is building on your work and potentially identify future collaborators. It’s also exciting to see how others are using your research and what new ideas might be generated from it.”

Kevin Eliceiri, professor of medical physics and biomedical engineering, is one of these highly cited researchers. He has been cited more than 68,000 times in 228 publications and is recognized for his cross-disciplinary influence.

Eliceiri’s most-cited article is as a corresponding author of “NIH Image to ImageJ: 25 years of image analysis,” published in July 2012. The article — cited 27,847 times — discusses the origins of pioneering open software developed for the analysis of scientific images, as well as their challenges and the solutions they enabled.

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