Announcing New CMB Focus Group in Physiology

We are excited to announce that CMB’s Coordinating Committee recently voted to add a new focus group in Physiology to serve as the home for physiology studies on campus going forward. This will bring CMB’s total number of focus groups up to thirteen. Raunak Sinha (Department of Neuroscience) will serve as the chair for the new focus group, which already counts twenty-five CMB faculty trainers as members. The new focus group webpage now live on the CMB website:

This decision comes following the recent discontinuation of the Physiology Graduate Training Program. In addition to adding a new focus group, CMB is also serving as the administrative home for the continuing Physiology students while they complete their Physiology degrees.

The description of the new focus group follows:

Physiology is the study of any biological process that is associated with the functioning of an organism. It can span many levels of complexity ranging from (but not limited to) processes shaping neurotransmission in the nervous system, to mechanisms regulating the blood supply of an organism, to endocrine regulation, to pathophysiology in disease conditions, and to studies of drug clearance from tissues. In being fundamental to understanding the function of the human body, physiology forms the basis for medicine. Modern molecular biological tools have opened up the study of cellular and organ level function with extraordinary precision as well as with extraordinary breadth. Research of faculty in the physiology focus group spans multiple areas ranging from molecular and cellular physiology to systems level thereby linking molecular and cellular mechanisms to the function and dysfunction of organs and ultimately the whole organism.

We welcome the continuing Physiology students and are pleased to be able to offer a new home for physiology studies on campus!