Student Spotlight: Luis Antonio Haddock

Luis Haddock HeadshotHometown:

San Sebastián, Puerto Rico

Year entered CMB program:



Thomas C. Friedrich Lab


Brief Summary of Research:

I currently work with understanding the diversification of Influenza A viruses during infection and transmission by using deep sequencing technologies and analyzing data from the genomic evolution standpoint.

Awards and Publications:

Genomic Sciences Training Program T-32 (2020-present)

SciMed Fellow (Class of 2019)

Yale Ciencia Academy Fellowship (2020)

Amato KA, Haddock III LA, Braun KM, Meliopoulos V, Livingston B, Honce R, Schaack GA, Boehm E, Higgins CA, Barry GL, Koelle K, Schultz-Cherry S, Friedrich TC, Mehle A. Influenza A virus undergoes compartmentalized replication in vivo dominated by stochastic bottlenecks. (bioRxiv – preprint), 2021

Newman CM, Ramuta MD, McLaughlin MT, Wiseman RW, Karl JA, Dudley DM, Stauss MR, Maddox RJ, Weiler AM, Bliss MI, Fauser KN, Haddock LA, Shortreed CG, Haj AK, Accola MA, Heffron AS, Bussan HE, Reynolds MR, Harwood OE, Moriarty RV, Stewart LM, Crooks CM, Prall TM, Neumann EK, Somsen ED, Burmeister CB, Hall KL, Rehrauer WM, Friedrich TC, O’Connor SL, O’Connor DH. Initial evaluation of a mobile SARS-CoV-2 RT-LAMP testing strategy. (medRxiv -preprint), 2021. PMID: 33655260

Why did you choose UW-Madison’s CMB Program?

It is the perfect balance between an amazing graduate program, great location/city, colleagues and research.

What lessons have you learned throughout your graduate career so far?

Surround yourself with friends that will help you navigate your feelings, fears, and imposter syndrome. Up to a certain point, we will all need to have a strong support network to succeed during the numerous challenges we will face during grad school, both personally and academically.

What advice would you give to a student applying to graduate school?

First, start early. Give yourself plenty of time to write your statements, send them out to friends and mentors for review, and request your LOR with months in advance. If you have questions, reach out to staff, PI’s and students from your school of interest. I assure you they will be more than happy to answer any of the questions you may have. Finally, and most importantly, believe in yourself and don’t let imposter syndrome prevent you from selling yourself. (P.S. sites such as do nothing positive to your mental health, so try and avoid them)

What are your long-term career goals?

I am still figuring this part out, but I am currently leaning towards working in the understanding and control of human infectious diseases in either government or industry research.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Before grad school, I was the Technical Director for Acrobatic Gymnastics in Puerto Rico.

When you are not in the lab, you are…….?

Camping, baking, hiking or catching up on TV shows. I also try and visit the gym at least twice a week.

What is your favorite memory so far in the CMB Program?

Definitely our CMB student retreat before the start of the SARS-CoV-2 restrictions

What is the most fun part of your research?

I work with barcoded influenza A viruses (pretty cool, I know!!!). Check out our lab website for more details.