Welcome to new CMB faculty

We’d like to announce this year’s new CMB faculty trainers. Please join us in welcoming these 13 new trainers to CMB!

Rozalyn Anderson
Medicine Department
Metabolism of aging and age-related disease

Jake Brunkard
Genetics Department
Molecular mechanisms regulating plant metabolism

Scott Coyle
Biochemistry Department
Understanding and engineering cell behavior

Huy Dinh
Oncology Department
Computational biology, tumor microenvironment heterogeneity

Alexey Glukhov
Medicine Department
Cardiac electrophysiology, biophysics, cellular and molecular biology of cardiomyocytes, cardiac arrhythmias and pathophysiology

Andrew Hryckowian
Medicine and Medical Microbiology & Immunology Department
Molecular mechanisms of microbiome dynamics

Adam Konopka
Medicine Department
Musculoskeletal aging and metabolism

Kinjal Majumder
Oncology Department
Mechanisms of virus localization to cellular DNA breaks

Emma Mohr
Pediatrics Department
Defines congenital viral infection outcomes

Freya Mowat
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Department
Retinal photoreceptor metabolism and aging

Xuan Pan
Medical Sciences Department
Epigenetic regulation, hematopoiesis, mouse models

Federico Rey
Bacteriology Department
Gut microbiome, diet and cardiometabolic health

Fei Zhao
Comparative Biosciences Department
Sexual differentiation of reproductive tracts